What if you didn't have to search for offers in your neighborhood but could have them delivered right into your inbox?  No more searching through deals that are 20 miles away just to find something near you.

Introducing inboxsquare, the answer to all the questions above.  Now you can receive a weekly e-newsletter that lets you know about the deals and specials that are being offered locally at absolutely no cost to you!

​Plus, 10% of all our revenues from our advertisers will be going directly to local schools!

How to begin:

Simple: Register with your name, e-mail address, zip code and the zip codes you would like to hear about

Local: You only receive offers from the zip codes you entered.

Offers: Each week you will receive local offers right into your e-mail inbox.

See an offer that you like, simply go to the place of business and mention inboxsquare and enjoy!

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